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Anna Stahovschi

Anna Stahovschi - Founder & Creative Director

Stahovski Designs is an architectural design practice based in London, specialising in high-end residential properties and property development. Founded by its Creative Director, Anna Stahovschi, the studio’s ethos is creating unique and versatile interiors that bring a sense of joy and belonging. Anna believes that successful spaces have the power to transport us to the essential feeling of shelter and the vernacular. The relationship between people, spaces and art informs the design process and ensures a continuous creative development. Emphasis is placed on character rather than ever changing trends, in the quest to design spaces that feel alive, eclectic and personal.


After spending a few years working in finance, Anna formed her design vocabulary through an MA in Architectural Interior Design at Inchbald School of Design before gaining extensive experience from industry leaders in developing curated interiors. Her business acumen is essential when it comes to project management and budget solutions in every project. Stahovschi’s approach to design is rather instinctual, juxtaposing colours and textures, patterns and forms, contemporary and traditional. Frequent travels around the world and exposure to different cultures, serve as an unwavering source of inspiration and ultimately become sourcing trips for that special piece of tapestry or ceramic that eventually makes their home in a new project.

The House That Sheltered Dreams

Anna's passion for design developed from an early age when her parents started building their family home.

"My father built this house. He designed it, modelled it and built it. He’s an engineer by profession and a man of many talents all around. Together with my mother, they decorated it, she - with her finesse and French chicness, and he - with his practicality and functionality. One very hot summer he took me to see the site for the first time. I was five, and he was showing me the area our future house was going to occupy, delimited by a few rocks on a green plot of land. It is one of my most vivid memories. I had this feeling of excitement and joy. The feeling that I now get when I think of the shape of things to come, one which I didn’t fully comprehend at the time. But when he built a 1:100 white cardboard model for the house and presented it to me, suddenly I got it. It was clear what I loved and why I loved it."

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